Ricerche Genealogiche,
Araldiche e Storiche
Inventariazione Archivi
Asseverazione documenti

Via di Castello n. 24
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) 

History has always been built from Small Stories each. Each historical period has assumed  a certain boundary and a very precise image only through the merger of the Small Stories of those who lived  through it, day after day, together with the great men, heroes, saints and warriors.
Today we can rediscover  the thread that binds  each  of us  to each  of these Small Stories. Today we can therefore illuminate  Our Story, conscius of having being an integral part of the wohle History.
History has made and will always through dcuments. This is for the macro-history and for the micro-history. There are companies unworthy to be told but only companies that can not be told bevause there is not a trace.
Thus, History is told through the documents and as long as they exist: in addition  can not be reached.
In turn, the documents shall be read, interpreted and analyzed  by  reserchears who have the meals, technical and cultural.  The improvvisations are commendable but they always nearby.
So, wishing the best results it is necessary to give the job to professional researchers, adapting to the time and mode allowed for the examination of the documents by the bodies responsible for preserving them.
This is the main task that has always placed the "Studio Il Blasone": look with honesty and competence traces the history of each in order to reconstruct the image more accurate as possible.

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